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If you're like us

You enjoy surrounding yourself with things that fascinate you. Be it a new future-ready watch or a vintage coffee maker. In this case it's a Celsius & Fahrenheit converter app.

There are many out there, but we know you don't really enjoy them - they're mostly awkward and no fun at all.

Dgrees is designed to save you from the nightmare of buttons and form fields. It's simple, fast and doesn't have redundant extras. It's made for people who love good design, travel to countries with different unit systems and need a quick reference.

Upcoming update will make things even more interesting. The goal is for you to stop using the app. It will teach you to convert the units on your own in an easy and hassle free way. More insights.

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Email us at support@dgreesapp.com with any feedback, comments or encountered issues and we'll be happy to take care of it.

We do not gather, store or distribute any private information from our users and we do not intend to do so in the future - your privacy is safe.


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