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Still using math formulas or Google to convert Celsius and Fahrenheit?

If you're like us, the prospect of doing "deduct 32, then multiply by 5, then divide by 9" in your head makes you cringe, especially when you're talking to your friend or business partner across the ocean.

Dgrees is a small utility app with a brain hacking twist. It's a beautiful visual converter that teaches you to convert on your own with our carefully crafted six-point-reference method - no math formulas, no drilling, no memory overload. The goal is for you to stop using converters altogether.

If you don't feel like learning - feel free to use the app as a simple converter. Convert faster than calculators or Google - no buttons, no form fields, just gestures and colors. Enjoy!

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Beautiful, simple & fast are most commonly used words in reviews

Simplicity and Beauty


I am struck by how simple, easy to use and beauty of this app. I travel frequently in and out of USA and this app is truly god sent.

Great app with small footprint


I echo the other comments about fine design and usability. I also want to commend efficient coding. The app is tiny so it won't consume much space on your device.

Great, beautiful and simple


This great simple app does exactly what's is supposed to, no ads, no menu buttons, really amazing

Beautiful! Extremely handy and easy to use


Really innovative idea and love the minimalistic design! As a traveller myself it's super useful and I've just added it to my app homescreen.

All apps should be this good


All apps should be this good. Hope an iPad version will be coming.

Simply Helpful


I haven't yet memorized the difference between these two means of measuring temperature, but until I do this simple app makes understanding the difference when my Canadian friends tell me how cold it is there compared to where I live in the southern US. Quick. Easy. Love it.



It's true: faster, simple, the colors useful too much. This is very good app. Congratulation for developers

Perfect App


Beautiful and simple, just what I was looking for!

Insanely Beautiful, Easy Celsius / Fahrenheit Conversions


Best converter tool I've ever used. Slide to convert / shake to rest - it literally takes more time for me to find the icon on my home screen, then to get the conversion. The design is the perfect complement for iOS7 - clean/flat design and bright colors that change to reflect cooler and hotter temperatures. There's simply not a better conversion tool out there. Download this app; you won't be disappointed!

One of the best out there


The design is lovely and minimalistic. Very easy to use, convenient, and accurate. Barely uses any space too! Highly recommended.



A wonderful conversion app, simple, clear and easy to use.

Simple and useful


Works as fast as I would love to be able to convert between scales in my head! I travel alot to Europe and it would always be nice to know quickly what temp it is in Fahrenheit! Nice work!

Beautiful Converter, almost perfect.


This is by far the best converter I've ever seen on the App Store. It's beautiful, and easy to use, however, where I live, on the sun, it gets much hotter than 450°C, the max for this app. I've seen many apps that don't have proper support for the sun (weather, maps, etc.). Apart from this small compatibility issue, this app is terrific!

Simplicity is key


Excellent app, being a graphic designer i love the use of colours and the logo is perfect. No fiddling about with buttons, just a simple conversion of ºC to ºF displayed very well.

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